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K Royal


K royal, is a Birmingham based DJ who is co-owner of Bloc Beatz records and up and coming producer. K Royal is a self-taught DJ & Producer with great versatility and a natural ability to play many styles of music from all genres. His musical journey began with his parents’ record collection. . While at school he began to develop his musical journey, this began with playing the keyboard. He learned by listening to the sounds, tones and notes and then experimenting till he could produce the same sounds himself. . Karl’s passion drove him on to learn more and become a professional nightclub DJ.

K Royal has now established a name for himself in the Midlands Club Scene with his eclectic range of musical styles and his new found love for production. K Royal has no limit whether it be behind the decks or in the studio, proving a hit wherever he goes with a reputation that both precedes and follows him. Still new to production he is working on several projects and preparing for upcoming releases while working at Royalty Records.

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