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Bloc Beatz meets Zombie Disco Squad

Bloc Beatz meets Zombie Disco Squad

Nat Self, the one man DJ and producer known as Zombie Disco Squad, fresh from a gig in Tokyo, hopped on a plane to Birmingham to headline the Bloc Beatz launch event! But before that we cornered him first to find out more about his endeavours.

With over 20,000 followers on Soundcloud and rising, Nats music has attracted fans from all over the world. He has gigs jet setting around the globe from Europe to Asia, an experience which has developed his music range to cover all kinds of house music including tech, deep house, sub genres, and doesn’t plan on stopping there.

So where does he get his influences from? Who does he listen to? Bloc beatz wanted to know…

At the very plush Radisson Blu hotel, high up on a floor that can only be described as a vertigo sufferers worst nightmare, Caz Preston, Bloc Beatz presenter, accompanied by the media team, interviewed Nat on his hugely successful career in house music and his plans for the future! Check out the video below of the full interview!

Have we left your ears and brainbuds craving? Check out Zombie Disco Squad and his music at the links below:

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By: Sophie Drake

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26 July 2013 blog

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