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Disclosure return with new material to feed festival season


Disclosure’s new debut EP ‘Moog For Love’ is here, after being premiered at their festival ‘Wild Life’ and Zane Lowe’s radio station Beats 1.

The three-track complication features single Moog For Love featuring Bristol DJ and producer Eats Everything, the talked about track BOSS and third track Feel like I Do, which features a soul filling collaboration with Al Green.

Every track brings a unique sound and vibe which appear less mainstream and more experimental compared to their earlier work, as the Lawrence brothers appear to explore the different avenues in which they can push House music.

Upbeat track, BOSS is full of summer vibes and I instantly got me searching for festival tickets. This tune is a grower and definitely infectious, as soon as you play this track you will be dancing. The brothers mix up the ingredients of high hat rhythms with deep muted beats and stir in building rhythms and suspense as they take control of the sound bowl. The track has been talked about by Zane Lowe and Annie Mac and was a definite a crowd pleaser when played live for the first time at Wild Life festival.

Next track, Moog For Love recalls the funky dance rhythms of 90s, mixed with a deeper and heavier bass layered with disclosure’s signature manipulation of vocals which weave between the repetitive beats that we know and love about house. This track rises and falls like a roller coaster showing off their freedom to experiment. It has a more soulful undertone compared to BOSS but again their feel-good vibes will have you throwing yourself around, trust

Now, the third track Feel Like I Do is like the dessert track to this three course EP. It mellows down slightly and increases in chill as the boys add a lush jazz guitar and 80’s blues vocals from legend Al Green.

EP Moog for Love was released June 15th and is now available to check out and stream, have a listen and see what you think.

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Article by Renu Chopra

22 June 2016 blog

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