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From the grapevine the replacement of the former Gatecarsher club went through an overhaul to be refurbished in the region of £1.4 million and to be re-opened in the summer.  To Birmingham’s club goers delight PRYZM opened its doors for the first time in the middle of June 2016. 

When keeping up to date with the online promotion of this new renovation I was given snippets of what the club would look like. It wasn’t until actually going to one of the open nights that I realised just how smart the new club looked, or how much a place has evolved.

Although PRYZM pretty much has the same layout as previously named Gatecrasher’s it is clear that the £1.4million has been wisely used to revamp the club with modern designs, furniture and extensive high tech equipment, heightening the ultimate club experience. PRYZM boasts 4 rooms; PRYZM, which is the clubs main room playing a mix of ‘club bangers’ and the top 40, a house room, the Curve room playing R&B and bringing the best of the old skool chart and lastly the Vinyl room playing the classic pop anthems. 

Upon entry I was welcomed in by the security and the ladies in red, a great colour to make the staff stand out and look smart. The main room was packed with students having a good laugh and dance with their friends and a few hen and stag parties making the most of their last nights before being tied down.

Many of these stag and hen parties where in private booths overlooking the dance floor and DJ booth, and every once in a while I saw a group of three ladies in red walking over with their hands in the air, clutching at bottles of vodka and champagne that were set alight with a sparkler of kinds. I believe these groups were the lucky winners of this week’s online competition to win a few bottles on the house otherwise it was probably VIP spend with the club giving the customers a good atmosphere with their expensive bubbly.

Heading through this room and into the room titled House, there were booths with windows at the ends so you could see back into the previous room, without them looking back the other side was a mirrored glass.

Back in the main room you could head up the stairs and be led into the Vinyl room, this room contained all of the most popular cheesy songs from S Club 7’s Reach for the starts too Lou Bega’ Mambo No. 5. The floor was lit with a checker light changing dance floor where everyone was busting shapes. Where the dance floor ended a vinyl record style carpet began, this continue into matching wallpaper in parts.

Another room followed, the Curve room, another favourite of the students attending that night. The music in this room was of the urban genre playing a mixture of Grime, R&B and Rap music.

The rooms all lead to one another creating a nice passage of easy access the room of choice, back in the main room there had been an appearance for a lady and gentleman on stilts dancing and taking pictures with the young adults. She left after a while to join two others in dancing from a balcony with a lighted wall behind them as Digital Farm Animals appeared for their set in the DJ booth.

During the night things got a little busier in the main room as security entered and stood around the small stage affront, the lads in DFA had finished and it was time for Karen Harding to perform. She did a number of songs including her most popular Say Something and Feel Good right at the end to get the crowd going wild and singing along.

PRYZM offers a number of VIP services and provides other entertainment such as professional dancers, ping pong tables, smoke machines, confetti canons, inflatables and smoke machines. To make your night that little bit more special a number of dance pod’s, mezzanine’s, DJ lounges, Sky Booths and Balcony areas are availed to hire. On a Friday night the standard entry is £5.00 or £3.00 before midnight, on a Saturday the standard entry fee is £8.00 or £6.00 before midnight. Thursday nights are a little different as it is a P.A.R.T.Y event meaning tickets are sold under 3 sections: 1st release (£4.00) 2nd release (£5.00) and final release (£6.00). The prices of drinks do vary with single spirit mixers from £3.50, double spirit mixers from £5.00, cocktails from £4.80 and Becks at £3.70. 

With a variety of rooms offering different types of music and entertainment PRYZM is easily able to accommodate many different club goers to a high standard enabling them to have the best night possible. Already it looks as though PRYZM is able to provide an amazing night and an awesome club atmosphere, giving the impression that PRYZM is already meeting the high standard of a great night out that Gatecrasher’s once offered the clubbers of Birmingham.


182 Broad St, Birmingham B15 1DA


Article by    Danii H & Kaisha Griffith

Photography by Danii H

1 July 2016 blog

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