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Since its founding in 2013, BlocBeatz records has established itself as one of the main competitors in the local area. We work closely with our artists, giving them benefits other record labels would find hard to provide. This is all due to our superb staff and management along with our everlasting connections to venues, shows, and events thought-out the West Midlands. Our client list includes some familiar artists such as K Francis and K Royal! We have also provided many artists within the Midlands with a much-needed kick-start to finally lift off their musical journey.

Blocbeatz in an independent label which started with a group of friends after university years to provide extraordinary parties which encompassed the student community as well. After events, we wanted to promote even more music that we loved so we decided to run a music label hence the Bloc Beatz records origin.

Furthermore, we have continued to so plenty of events and even toured all across the UK! However, this is not our only passion! We also love and put most of our attention into the production of music. From this, we now have over 100 artist releases through our label from around the world from Brazil to Australia.

The passion we have for all types of electronic based music has encouraged us to push ourselves over the years to an even brighter future! Additionally, the excitement of looking for new and upcoming talent to add to our label really fuels us to improve our already talented and experienced roster.