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The Source interviews DJ K Francis

Exclusive interview with DJ K Francis as he unveils his plans for the future

Kristian Birch-Hurst, or DJ K Francis, is born in Cardiff and is now a DJ and Producer based in Birmingham. He is an artist, dedicated to all things creative and making progress in his career development. He started DJ’ing only a year ago, we hear from the man himself as he talks about his influences and inspirations:
“I’ve always dabbled in music – I’ve played guitar, bass and keyboard since the early years of secondary school – but seeing a meteoric rise in House music’s popularity and with a genuine interest in it myself, I decided I wanted to be a part of it.”


When asked about influences, Kristian said that he is more inspired by music trends than by a particular artist.

“As it stands, my biggest inspiration is the new wave of jacking, bass and grime music that is taking Birmingham and other parts of the country by storm; think Blackbutter records who have the likes of My Nu Leng, Woz and Troy Gunner signed up. There’s also the closer to home pioneers like Pete Graham, Mark Spence and Low Steppa.”, added Kristian.


“The main challenges at present are firstly, juggling third year university and DJ’ing, and secondly it’s securing bookings outside of my comfort zones which predominately lie in Rainbow and Amusement 13.”


“DJ’ing in itself is an art. It allows you to interpret tracks in different and creative ways.I mean a good track can hype a crowd certainly, but a good playlist or set can turn a clubgoers night from just good, to memorable.

“I rarely plan my sets, I put together a rough playlist that’s in keeping with the night I’m going to play but that’s as far as it goes. Playing off the cuff is not only a lot more thrilling but it keeps all your sets fresh and unique’.

When talking about if he feels that a crowd is actually able to appreciate the effort of complex DJ‘ing, if they don’t actually know what is happening behind the decks, DJ K Francis said:
“Even if the crowd don’t understand the technical aspects, everyone can understand a DJ who knows how to work a crowd, the giveaway is in the atmosphere.”

Looking at some local DJs and discussing ones to watch at the moment, Kristian finds DJ Pete Graham as a local artist that is “teetering on the edge of a national, maybe even global break out”. He adds:

“It would be wise to keep an eye out on everything going on in Digbeth. It’s constantly churning out great talent and at a rate that’s just too quick to stay on top of. And as I said, I have got a lot of respect for My Nu Leng at the moment. Their hard hitting bass nastiness is exactly what I look for in a night out. American producers like Jauz and Ghastly are also doing some interesting fusions of bass and dubstep.”


As Kristian writing career is taking priority at the moment, due to the fact it’s more in line with his studies, the artist really hopes to dedicate equal attention to both sides of his life – writing and music, after graduation in mid-2016.

“At present I do not have plans of world domination, I’m just happy to play the music I love, as much as I can and if that materialises in to greater things? I’ll consider it a pleasant bonus.”

DJ K Francis is currently applying his skills around the Birmingham circuit and gaining in popularity over the year being a source resident and a regular at the Rainbow Venues. He also hosts his own basement parties.

To see more of DJ K Francis check out his SoundCloud channel and his Facebook page.


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Kristian Birch-Hurst / DJ K Franics

Cardiff Born, Birmingham based DJ & Producer

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7 March 2016 blog

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